NorthRock Community Pharmacy
A True Pharmacy Partnership



Collaboration Opportunites in

Pharmacy Services

Welcome to NorthRock Pharmacy

What We Do

Our focus at NorthRock Pharmacy is to offer true pharmacy partnerships. 


Co-ownership agreements are created in which both parties share an equity interest in an on-site pharmacy.


Partners have the opportunity to customize all services to fit their needs.


Pharmacy partners can select the name of the pharmacy. 


At NorthRock we strive to help mental health providers successfully integrate quality on-site pharmacy services for consumers. 


We welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss our new pharmacy partnership services with your agency leadership. 

Who Are We?  


A pharmacy provider in conjunction with two community mental health centers collaborated to develop NorthRock Pharmacy to provide medication and pharmacy services to mental health providers and their consumers throughout Oklahoma.


By joining forces solutions were attained for dealing with significant issues including rising drug costs, increased demands, and reduced funding. Our executive staff has an extensive background in community mental health center and pharmacy administration. 




On-Site Pharmacy Advantages 


  • Convenience to Customers    
  • Enhance Medication Compliance     
  • Improve Outcomes
  • Integrated Health Services                         
  • Control Drug Costs
  • Reduce Staff Workload